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Arizona mulling over the idea of lowering carbon emissions standards

Arizona has some of the toughest car emissions legislation currently in place, but this may soon change if legislators choose to reduce existing laws to national standards. Recently, lawmakers discussed lowering carbon emissions regulations originally set by governor Janet Napolitano through the Clean Car Program, according to the East Valley Tribune.

The Clean Car Program was created because Arizona has poor air quality compared to other regions of the country. The American Lung Association gave several Arizona counties an F ranking in its State of the Air report.

"This program helps to ensure cleaner vehicles, which means less air pollution," Diane Brown, executive director of Arizona Public Interest Research Group Education Fund, told the news source. "It also reduces asthma attacks and other adverse health problems."

But if some legislators get their way, those standards could soon be relaxed - increasing pollution in many areas of the state. Individuals who live in a polluted area may want to consider purchasing an air purifier to remove smog from living spaces through a HEPA filter.

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