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World Asthma Day pushes for more research of the disease

In an effort to raise awareness of asthma and other respiratory complications, World Asthma Day 2011 was held on May 3 to support further research into the condition. Approximately 77 percent of individuals who suffer from severe asthma have been hospitalized at least once due to the ailment. More information on asthma may be able to help patients cope with the disease better throughout their lifetime.

"There is still no cure for asthma," says Tom Flanagan, chair of Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America national board of directors. "I think some people forget that asthma still kills over 4,000 people each year and it's a reminder that more work needs to be done."

Individuals who suffer from asthma and need to maintain air quality throughout their homes to breathe easily may want to consider purchasing an air purifier. A device that operates with a HEPA filter can remove particles from the air that complicate breathing in people with respiratory conditions.

The IQAir HealthPro Plus air purifier is one product that can increase the quality of life for individuals with asthma. The HyperHEPA filter is designed to trap particles that are smaller than 0.3 microns in size. This includes smoke, dust, pollen and other irritants.