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Rush immunology may eliminate allergic reactions

Many people aren't crazy about the prospect of receiving injections to temporarily relieve their allergy symptoms, but new research suggests that a flood of shots may be able to get rid of seasonal allergies altogether.

Recently, Dr. Summit Shah from the Dublin Methodist Hospital found that using rush immunology can help patients prevent allergy symptoms for the upcoming season, according to 10-TV News. The treatment involves receiving a large series of shots to prevent allergic reactions.

"If you're allergic to, let's say ragweed, which is coming up this fall, if you undergo rush therapy today, by this upcoming fall season, you'll be symptom free," Shah told the news source. "This is a lifelong cure."

However, there are still helpful options for individuals who want to avoid taking shots altogether. Air purifiers can remove pollen and other irritants from living spaces for easier breathing.

The IQAir HealthPro Plus is one air purifier that can remove ultrafine particles smaller than 0.3 microns through its HyperHEPA filter. Using the device can remove allergens from up to 900 square feet to reduce the possibility of allergic reactions.