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More St. Louis residents confusing allergies with the common cold

During the spring season, many people come down the with the common cold as a result of temperature changes. However, more residents in St. Louis, Missouri, are mistaking colds for seasonal allergies. As temperatures continue to change from extreme heat to brisk weather on a whim, confusion is abundant, according to KPLR-11 News.

Dr. H. James Wedner, an allergist from the Washington University School of Medicine, told the news station that the unusual weather pattern has many individuals thinking they have caught a cold. In actuality, tree pollen is already present in high concentrated amounts around the region. The allergist described the weather to the news source in one word: "Nuts."  

"Normally what I do is I take walks in the park because you can look at the trees and you can find out what's been coming on," Wedner told the station. "It's been difficult."

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