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More allergy sufferers turning to shots for relief

For some allergy sufferers, reactions are more severe than others. Aside from the occasional runny nose, many individuals are forced to endure itchy eyes and labored breathing during the allergy season. Pollen can be an ongoing burden for those with sensitivity to these airborne irritants, but allergy shots are offering relief for many, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Michelle Jason is one woman who carried nasal sinus spray everywhere with her and took three pills a day to control her allergies. Since enduring years of allergy shots, she told the Tribune that it has been worth the pain to enjoy the great outdoors.

Those who want to avoid needles and control their seasonal allergies still have other options, such as air purifiers. With the right device, individuals can reduce their allergic reactions and make it easier to breathe indoors.

The IQAir HealthPro Plus air purifier is ideal for allergy sufferers of all ages. The device can cover up to 900 square feet and quickly remove allergens from the air. Its HyperHEPA filter is ideal for trapping pollen and other small particles that may cause seasonal watery eyes and runny noses.