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IQAir CEO: Air pollution a greater concern in North America than radiation from Japan

In response to a wave of fears and speculation regarding the nuclear crisis in Japan, CEO of IQAir North America Glory Dolphin has spoken out regarding the displacement of our attention to less pressing matters for those of us at home.

"Considering the miniscule levels of radiation from Japan detected in North America so far, we consider it irresponsible that some companies would take advantage of unwarranted fears of radiation to try to sell products for nuclear fallout at this time," says Dolphin. "The fact is, there are real and powerful killers in the air we breathe every day in the U.S. and Canada. And that's where our attention belongs."

According to Dolphin, Americans are at far greater risk for developing physical ailments due to the day-to-day pollution levels present in the air we breathe.

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