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Colorado residents suffering from early spring pollen

As spring begins to roll in, many Americans are beginning to feel the side effects of pollen, mold and ragweed floating through the air. In Colorado, dry eyes and itchy noses are abundant, but allergies are only expected to get worse.

The region has recently experienced dry and windy weather, according to FOX-21 News. In turn, pollen and dust have been tossed into the air and have coated everything from streets to cars. Without rain, these small particles do not wash away. Instead, they cause sneezes and coughs for Americans with seasonal allergies and asthma.

Robert Nathan, a doctor with Asthma and Allergy Associates in Colorado Springs, says that the cold weather has kept pollen around longerthis season. Allergy season typically begins in March and continues into the fall. Last month, the area saw notably high levels of tree pollen. Grass pollen is expected to kick up as soon as the weather becomes warm enough to start mowing the lawn.

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