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With an air purifying system, you can see clearly now too

Do you miss the clear-sightedness that precedes and follows the spring allergy season? With all kinds of irritants floating around on the breeze, it's not uncommon to see plenty of less fortunate people walking around with red, itchy eyes.

How does this happen? "Within seconds of histamines flooding your nose, they start getting into the blood supply and irritating surrounding tissue, making your eyes watery, itchy, and bloodshot," Douglas Dawson, M.D., told Women's Health magazine.

With such an instant reaction to contend with, allergy-sufferers may want to get to the root of the cause with some preemptive measures. Professional-grade air purifying systems remain as one of the most effective antidotes.

The top-rated, best-selling IQAir HealthPro Plus can be the solution to all of your allergy woes, at least when it comes to your indoor environment. Four advanced filtration technologies work together to effectively tackle over 99 percent of all particulate matter, including pollen, dust, pet dander and mold.