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Things to look for in an allergy-friendly home

Allergy-sufferers who have ever been house-hunting may well be aware of the specifications to look for when settling into a home that will be gentle on their symptoms.

According to, those with allergies should avoid carpeting at all costs, as pet dander and dust can collect in the fibers. However, many homes with carpeting may have wood floors underneath, so it's worth it to ask if you can get the floors refinished.

The news source also recommends checking for mold and opting for homes with boiler systems and radiators over those with forced air heat.

An alternative option for those with limited choices is to install a professional grade air purifying system.

The IQAir HealthPro Plus comes with four advnaced filtration technologies to effectively tackle a range of airborne contaminants, including pet dander, dust, mold and gases. Its medical grade HyperHEPA filter is the most advanced filter of its kind, meaning you'll be able to enjoy some of the cleanest air around regardless of how your home is structured.