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Spring thaw will mark the onset of mold season

For many of the winter-weary, the beginning of the official thaw could not come soon enough. However, with the rising of temperatures comes the return of the mold season, alighting once more to the chagrin of allergy-sufferers.

"Molds are the part of nature's recycling system that converts dead plants back to soil. With high average humidity and lots of vegetation, outdoor mold levels in South Jersey are usually high. The only time they're low is when the ground is frozen or covered with snow. If you have asthma, hay fever or chronic sinusitis and they're better during a hard freeze, you're probably allergic to molds," advises Robert E. Coifman, MD, on

If this sounds all too familiar, you may consider investing in a professional grade air purifying system.

The top-rated, best-selling IQAir brand carries a range of purifiers that combine various filtration techniques to deliver optimum air purity. The IQAir HealthPro Plus uses micro-particle filtration to tackle mold spores, pollen, pet dander and other allergens.