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Look out, allergy-weary: February brings onslaught of sniffles

While most people generally look forward to warmer weather, the transition period can be especially rough. In fact, February is sure to bring sneezes and sniffles to many people across the country.

According to some allergy experts, seasonal allergies can have more to do with the pollen released into the wind by trees than pollen contained in flower buds, and the start of the tree's budding cycle can be triggered by early rains and heat, the San Bernardino County Sun reports.

There's little we can do to change the weather, but we can create an allergy-friendly environment within our home to help take the edge off of the season.

Installing a professional grade air purifying system is the most effective and efficient way to create an indoor environment free of pollen and allergens. The IQAir HealthPro Plus combines four advanced filtration techniques to effectively tackle pollen, mold and pet dander in addition to a full range of indoor air contaminants.