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Keep your Valentine's Day flowers for longer

Most people like getting flowers, regardless of the occasion. With Valentine's Day barely behind us, however, it's safe to say that many a kitchen table is now weighted with vases of blooms.

Having a bouquet of fresh flowers in your home is hardly objectionable - if you don't have allergies. For the not-so-lucky few, you may find that it only takes a day or two before you can no longer stand all the itching and sneezing.

Fortunately, there are corrective measures you can take that will not only extend the life of your flowers but make them more enjoyable for the duration of their stay.

Installing a professional grade air purifying system is invariably the most effective way to eliminate pollen as well as a full range of contaminants from the air inside your home.

FreshAirPro's top-rated, best-trusted brands often combine two or more filtration technologies, such as activated carbon and HEPA filters, to catch particulate matter as well as gases and odors.