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Got pets? Here are ways to keep your home sniffle-free

A cute, furry face is hard to resist, though the toll that pet allergens take on your nose isn't always a welcome part of the deal.

Fortunately, there are fairly simple steps you can take to help reduce your sniffling and suffering. Pet dander is an allergen that is present in the air, and as such, can be prevented and eliminated from your indoor environment.

The Ironton Tribute recommends frequent grooming - preferably outside - to keep loose hair and dander at bay, regular shampooing with a hypoallergenic product, and even the daily use of pet-safe grooming wipes to prevent the accumulation of dander and dirt.

Besides attending to your pet, you'll also want to dust and vacuum frequently, as allergens cling to dust and thereby travel through the air.

If you're looking for the ultimate solution, a professional grade air purifying system will not only knock out over 99 percent of pet dander in your air, but a range of other airborne contaminants as well. Look to FreshAirPro for the top-rated, most trusted brands on the market today.