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A fresh-air alternative to keeping the windows open

As the weather finally gets warmer and we approach being able to shut off our heat for good, many of us are looking forward to opening our windows and feeling the sensation of a fresh breeze.

However, according to the Idaho Mountain Express, this isn't always the most health-conscious move, as it may require extra energy to be expended on heat.

"Whether heating with electricity or gas, the chemicals and toxins emitted in mining, excavation, transportation and burning of fossil fuels will remain in our air, land and waters throughout your children's lifetimes and beyond," the writer from the news outlet reports. "This is not a healthy air quality situation."

The news source recommends equipping furnaces with high quality filters and keeping air-cleaning house plants around the home.

Better yet, installing a professional grade air purifying system could potentially give you fresher air than what's outside and will be healthier and more economical in the long-run. The IQAir HealthPro Plus is a prime example of what advanced filtration technology can do.