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Hotels place increasing focus on allergy-friendly rooms

Equipping your home to combat your allergies is one matter entirely, but many allergy-sufferers have little control when they hit the road and stay in various accommodations.

A 2010 Lodging Survey by hotel research company STR found that 38 percent of all hotels now offer some sort of allergy relief to guests, up 14 percent over the past two years.

Special cleaning procedures and sheet-cleaning methods are nothing new, but some hotels are now designating certain rooms as permanent accommodations for allergy-sufferers. These rooms will feature professional grade air purifying systems and fragrance-free products, the New York Times reports.

A high-end air purifying system, such as those carried by FreshAirPro, can provide the best allergy solution for those who have sensitivities in and outside of the home.

The top-rated, best-selling IQAir HealthPro Plus combines four advanced filtration technologies that work to tackle both large and small contaminants and particles. The HyperHEPA filter can target particles as small as .003 microns in size.