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Air purifying systems could lead to less housecleaning

Are fishy odors and dusty surfaces driving you to clean far more often than you normally would? Those who'd prefer to avoid twice-weekly cleaning routines can look into products that will extend the lives of their cleaning jobs.

Buying a high-quality air purifying system could be a worthy investment for homeowners, as they are highly capable of eliminating gases and odors that lend to a dirty environment as well as large particles such as dust that can visibly accumulate on surfaces.

FreshAirPro carries the leading brands of purifiers on the market, including the top-rated, best-selling IQAir.

The IQAir HealthProPlus is ideal for those concerned about health and cleanliness. It's equipped with four advanced filtration technologies that tackle a wide variety of particles and airborne contaminants. Its PreMax Pre-Filter Stage will put dust in its place while the advanced HyperHEPA filtration stage can effectively tackle particles as small as .003 microns in size, compared to .03 microns in standard HEPA filters.