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Monthly Archives: December 2010

  • San Diego's Miramar Landfill has high methane levels, violates operating standards

    Many people don't think about where waste goes after it leaves the curb, but landfills can be a potentially harmful source of pollution for nearby residents. San Diego's Miramar Landfill has been cited for 26 environmental violations and a breach of operating standards over the last two years due to its high methane levels.

    According to the San Diego Union Tribune, the city received 14 citations for high underground methane levels, while contractor Fortistar Methane Group had 12 violations for air pollution and was cited for failure to properly maintain equipment. The high number of infractions is likely to lead to harsher control measures and penalties for Fortistar, John Adams of the San Diego Air Pollution Control District told The Associated Press.

    "When there is a repeat problem, we consider taking it to another level - taking it to county counsel, considering an abatement order or other legal remedies that would bring about a better compliance rate," Adams told the AP.

    According to the news source, methane is a greenhouse gas that comes from decaying waste. Its strength makes it a serious public safety concern.

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  • Allergies run rampant around cold weather and holiday decor

    Holiday decorations covered in mold or pollen (as well as dust from attic or basement storage areas) might cause allergy sufferers across the nation to experience symptoms this season as they start to deck the halls for the upcoming holidays.

    "You disturb dust and other debris that hasn't been touched for a year," Dr. Richard Lockey told the St. Petersburg Times.

    Christmas trees, garlands and plants can also bring on sneezing and runny noses, especially for those who are allergic to the terpene in evergreen sap, reports the news source.

    The Times borrowed a recommendation from the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, and suggested that those who find themselves sniffling and coughing use a leaf-blower on the trees near their homes to remove some of the mold and pollen.

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