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Stop the spread of sickness this winter

Everyone is familiar with the dread that follows when one of your cohabitants gets sick. It's not that you'll be skimpy when doling out the TLC, you just don't want to be under the weather with them.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to slow the spread of contaminants in your home.

Those with cold or flu symptoms should always sneeze or cough into their sleeve or hands, and everyone involved should wash their hands frequently. Keeping a can of disinfectant spray handy will also give you an extra buffer of protection, since commonly used surfaces in the bathroom and kitchen can harbor contagious germs.

For all things airborne, consider investing in a high-quality air purifying system. FreshAirPro carries the leading brands on the market, including the top-rated, best-selling IQAir HealthPro Plus, the ideal choice for keeping dust, pollution, pet dander, smoke, mold, gases and microorganisms at bay. The product's professional grade HyperHEPA filter can capture particles as small as .003 microns in size.