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Oklahoma school closed due to mold issues

Schools make every effort to provide a safe learning environment, but even they are susceptible to air quality issues. The Brassfield 5th and 6th Grade Center in Bixby, Oklahoma, is closed due to mold problems, forcing students and teachers to have class in a nearby facility.

The school district website released a statement that said air quality experts have been testing the grounds since November and received results Friday that prompted them to recommend closing the school.

"There's an awful lot of concern with the issue of mold. It can cause some respiratory problems, but that's [with] the minority [of people], not the majority," John Baker of the Tulsa City-County Health Department told, who said measures could include removing sheet rock and carpeting.

Superintendent Kyle Wood told the news source that crews will use Christmas break to work on fixing the problem with air scrubbers and "intensive carpet cleaning."

According to Baker, mold tends to surface as a result of excess moisture and faulty ventilation. To prevent a problem that requires such intensive measures to correct, schools, businesses and homeowners alike should consider investing in an air purification system. FreshAirPro carries the leading, highest-rated air purifiers on the market, including best-selling brand IQAir.