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Got a smoking gun in the room?

Though you may have personally chosen to avoid cigarettes, no man is an island, nor does he always find that his island's cohabitants have the best health habits.

If you're living with smokers, you probably already know that no matter how diligent they are about smoking outdoors, the smoke has a way of trailing indoors - through windows, through doors, and even on the smoker's clothing.

Short of donning a gas mask in your own residence, there are other ways around the issue that will prove beneficial to your health whether or not you're ailed by cigarette fumes.

Investing in one of FreshAirPro's leading air purifying systems will ensure that you're breathing the cleanest air possible. The IQAir is the highest-rated brand on the market, and it offers various purifying systems including the HealthPro Plus and the GC MultiGas, both ideal for dealing with chemicals and odors caused by cigarette smoke.

The best selling HealthPro Plus is the number one solution for clearing the air of smoke, dust, pollution, pet dander, mold and other harmful substances on the molecular level.