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Create a safe and soothing nursery for your impending arrival

Expectant couples are often flooded with a list of baby items they must buy in the weeks prior to their new babies' arrivals. Cribs, carriages, diapers and clothes are all likely to take precedent at the top of parents' lists.

However, an air purifying system for their babies' rooms might be essential as well. The equipment will ensure that the air their newborns breathe is safe and clean.

Clean air is as necessary for the growth and development of a child as good nourishment and proper love and attention, especially during the crucial stages of its first years.

FreshAirPro offers the leading air purifying brands on the market, including Austin Air's Baby's Breath Air Purifier, which is specifically designed for a baby's room. It's even available in pink or blue. Its HEGA filter and Medical-Grade HEPA filter both work together to eliminate odors, gases, dust and allergens and provide the best protection against airborne contaminants.

The Baby's Breath system also features a soft noise that's clinically proven to help babies fall (and stay) asleep, resembling the familiar noise of the womb.