BlueAir E Series

The BlueAir® E-Series is designed, engineered and built for people who expect the very best and don’t want to compromise on health, design or function. The BlueAir® E-Series uses a digital control panel display, giving the user the power to manage their indoor air quality with a handy remote control. The digital display provides users with instant feedback regarding particle detection, air purifier speed and timer operation. Not only can all of these various features be controlled via the remote, but the control panel display also reports on the quality of the air as well as smells in the room.

BlueAir's flagship models, the BlueAir® 650E Digital and the BlueAir® 650E SmokeStop Digital are also our bestselling models in the BlueAir® line and are two of the best air purifiers on the market today.

Using patented 3-stage HEPASilent™ technology; the BlueAir® E-Series captures 99.97% of the tiniest 0.3 micron particles on speed one, including allergy-provoking pollen grains, dust mites, mold spores and pet dander particles.

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