AllerAir AirTube Series

The AllerAir® AirTube Series consists of the most powerful, compact air purifiers available on the market today. The AirTube Series is specifically designed to absorb chemicals, odors and particulate dust while achieving great portability. With the larger AirTube Supreme models being only 19” tall and 11” in diameter, its portability and air filtering capabilities are unmatched. These units are perfect for small spaces and are compact, lightweight & affordable!

The AllerAir® AirTube Series is particularly ideal for individuals who have a medical need for cleaner air or for anyone who simply wants clean air near themselves at all times. Weighing as little as 14 lbs, these purifiers can be moved around one's home, taken to work and can even accompany you when traveling away from home or while staying in hotels. The AllerAir® AirTube Series is the perfect solution for those who want safe, effective and whisper quiet performance from a truly portable air purifier.

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AllerAir AirTube Exec Air Purifier

AllerAir® AirTube Exec

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