We are proud to introduce the new PurePal series from Airgle, the art of air purification...

AG800 • PurePal Air Purifier Details »

Best Seller! For general purpose, allergy, and asthma sufferers. Wide-spectrum particle with some molecular and odor filtration.

AG850 • PurePal Plus Details »

Best Value! Enhanced technology for particle, chemical, odor and microbe filtration. Kills bacteria and viruses.

AG900 • PurePal Clean Room Details »

CleanRoom grade air filtration technology for microbes, chemicals, and particles in critical areas.

AG950 • PurePal MultiGas Details »

Multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS). Advanced technology for molecular and odor filtration with particle filtration.

Airgle PurePal Series

Airgle® is a pioneer in air purification systems and established itself early on as an industry leader by applying technology and innovation to create its Airgle product line. Founded in 1999, Airgle has strived to improve the health and well-being of their customers, by designing and manufacturing the safest, most reliable and effective air purification systems available.

Today, Airgle is one of the most experienced manufacturers of air purification systems in the United States. Airgle has built and developed an International presence by establishing headquarters in the United States, South Korea and Hong Kong and have hundreds of dealers worldwide. Airgle’s air purification systems have consistently achieved some of highest air quality rankings out of hundreds of air purifiers tested in third party testing. Airgle has quickly earned an international reputation as one of the world's most trusted names in air purification.

Particle Filtration


Smoke: 450 CADR
Dust: 400 CADR
Pollen: 450 CADR


Filters ultra-fine pollution particles down to 0.3 microns in size with an efficiency rating of over 99.996%.

Molecular Control

Highly effective removal of molecular air pollutants such as; volatile organic compounds (VOCs), gaseous chemicals and unpleasant odors. Uses up to 15 lbs of premium activated carbon for complete removal of unwanted molecules!

Biological Control

While standard HEPA filters only remove a fraction of pollutants, our powerful patent-pending Titanium Pro® technology eradicates unwanted air pollutants down to 0.001 microns. That’s a difference of 300xs smaller for the greatest chance of pure, breathable air.

Customization Made Easy

(A) This filter module can be programmed to install up to 15 lbs of premium carbon blend or up to 6 lbs of carbon prefilled for maximum air filtration.

(B) Choose this filter module to install either a HEPAfast filter for the highest Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) or to install a cHEPA filter that can capture ultra-fine particles.

(C) Automatically start cleaning your air quickly and instantly with the readily available Titanium Pro® plug-and-play system. This smart operation system automatically detects when the Titanium Pro ® module is installed or removed from the unit, or even when it needs replacement. Now upgrading and downgrading can be done in a cinch with this innovative built-in software.

Advanced Control System Provides:

  • Speed Control
  • Auto & Night Modes
  • Timer
  • System Control Setting
  • Air Quality Monitor
  • Filter Life Monitors & Reset Safety Features
  • Remote Control

Airgle PurePal Purifier Series

The Airgle®has been a leader in high-end, medical-grade air purification systems since 1999. They have mastered the art and science of air filtration by perfecting leading edge design coupled with high filtration performance for an exceptionally effective and efficient machine. As an industry pioneer, Airgle® offers unsurpassed quality and craftsmanship to keep you and your family breathing better for the ultimate peace of mind.

The Airgle® PurePal® series is Airgle’s newest and most advanced systems to date. These professional grade units address everything from particle filtration, molecular control to biological control.

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